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Revolutionary War Veteran Nicholas Gibbs

Nicholas Gibbs Home in Knox County, TN

The Nicholas Gibbs Homeplace in Knox County, Tennessee
Built in 1793, it is one of the oldest structures in the state that still stands on its original site.


Please join us on Saturday, June 8, 2013 for the annual meeting of the Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society. The business meeting begins at 11:00 AM, but we encourage you to come early. The house will be open by 9:00 AM so that you can come, look, and talk to everyone before the meeting.

The house is located at 7533 East Emory Road, Corryton, Tennessee, 37721. From Harbison's Crossroads in Gibbs, travel northeast on Emory Road about 1/2 mile, house is on the left.

As usual, lunch will be served immediately after the business meeting, so bring a dish of your choice. Eating and serving utensils and beverages will be provided. In case of rain we will move 500 feet east to Clapp's Chapel United Methodist Church for the meeting.

We have commemorative caps, mugs, and t-shirts available. For those of you who couldn't attend last years meeting, we have a local vendor who has put a 12" x 12" color picture of the house on the front with a picture of the historical marker in front of the house on the back of the shirt. This was a huge success and will be repeated this year. If you can't attend the meeting but would like to purchase any items, please send an e-mail to Sonja Collins, emerec (at) aol.com for more information.

Mr. Robert Johnson of Baton Rouge, LA (one of our members) had a book printed that was written by his great-grandfather, George A. Gibbs. The title is "CIVIL WAR MEMOIRS OF GEORGE A. GIBBS." It is 125-150 pages long and contains both the handwritten manuscript and a cleaner typed version for easier reading. Copies can be ordered directly from Mr. Johnson. The books sell for $39.95 each and approximately $17.00 of this amount will be donated back to the Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society. For more information, contact Mr. Johnson at robert_w_johnson (at) insightbb.com or by calling him at 502-552-0612.

Now you can friend Nicholas Gibbs on Facebook! Click here to see info, photos, and add your comments. Can you imagine what Nicholas Gibbs would think about this wonderful technology and how it has enabled his descendents to stay in contact? Incredible!

If you cannot attend the meeting this year, dues are now payable. They are $25 per year for an individual and $35 per year for a family. Also, encourage your children, grandchildren, siblings, etc. to attend and become interested and active members of NGHS. Younger members are needed for future growth of the Society. Since we usually have members from out of state, it would be nice if more local members would attend and meet your cousins. We are in desperate need of your continued support to keep this unique house in good repair. Please mail your checks to: Ms. Sonja Collins, 9822 Emory Road NE, Corryton, TN 37721-3001. Please include your email address on your check if you haven't already.

Hope to see you there!

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